Solid carbide cutters of special production

JONGEN RAPID LINE – “VHM” - Solid carbide cutters of special production


Within the name „Rapid-Line" we produce special tools made of cemented carbide.

Jongen’s engineering and production departments are equipped to the latest standards, which allow focusing not only on the quality of the tools but also on their delivery terms in order to meet the market requirements. New standards have been set, starting from the quote processing up to the delivery terms.

Within the range special solid carbide cutters, there are different possibilities to meet the customers` requirements:

  • there is the possibility to produce on the one hand tools that are similar to our standard products, but adapted to your special milling purpose,
  • on the other hand individual tools can also be manufactured, such as profile cutters, stepped tools, pre-boring tools etc., made of solid carbide bars or pre-forms.

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